Crafting digital tools

Your business may rely on dozen of services, but still struggle to smoothly operate over internal or other specific use-cases that just don’t scale. I use web technologies to tailor custom tools to fill those gaps, empowering your people to reinvest many hours a week on what brings value.



Deep knowledge of design and front-end development results in interfaces that are easy and pleasant to use, for both mobile and desktop experiences. The vision is to reduce human input to what’s essential and guide your users through the entire process.



From automating recurring manual actions to connecting external services like GSuite, Slack, or GitHub, I supercharge the tools with bots, notifications, synchronizations, etc. By delivering the right information to the right people at the right time, your team’s productivity leaps forward.



My work is based on world famous technologies and best practices. React, TypeScript, Node, PostgreSQL, TailwindCSS, Jest, Git, and more help me build full-fledged products in record times, while preserving high quality and maintenability.